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Hi Support,

at the moment, when the networking is configured, the options are to enable or disable the two operating options.

iSCSI and or S3/WIFT Portal.

From what i see when iSCSI is enabled on one of the nics, in a multi nic enviornment, iscsi and nfs shares are visible on other nics, where we don't want it to be visible.

Now wondering if a managemnet nic option can be setup, where in a multi nic enviornment, a nic can be setup as management, and this means iscsi and or nfs and etca re not visble at all.. Only ports 80/443,22 should be reached to it. when setup for managemnt ip only.


September 1, 2019 | Registered Commentermr rosh


While there is no management option for NICs, there is a new Firewall option available in version 5.4+. If you are on a version before this, you can upgrade the system and then use the Firewall tab in the NIC management window to disable the services you don't want to be visible on the given interface. Let us know if this helps or you have any other questions.

September 1, 2019 | Registered CommenterAaron Knodel