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Community Forum > New Dashboard, old statistics

I recently upgraded to the last QS (4.4.107?) and I saw the new "Dashboard" screen with the summary info... really great/nice!

But, I have another question somehow related to this, well... it's related to statistics, actually.

Some versions ago I remember there was some kind of statistics info for individual Volumes (or was it for pools?) - with read/write/iops graphs and info and also capacity/usage...
In the latest versions that info is completely gone.
That was replaced with the volume usage/snapshot usage "graphical view"...

Are there any plans to add some (at least basic) I/O statistics for volumes/pools? With a little history etc.
Something like the screen for "storage system" where network "real time traffic" is shown...

I know you have to Librato Metrics "option" but it's a little odd not to have any "integrated" statistics.
I know I can use qs-iostats or sar or other tool for "live view" or other third party solutions (starting to "integrate" into Zabbix here) but that requires quite some "manual work" to set all up and keep the config "synchronized" on both ends...

I'm using Monitorix right now for "local" statistics but again... it's not really nice (often you loose old data when changing the config)

So... any thoughts on this?


November 18, 2017 | Registered CommenterM.Culibrk

Thanks M, glad you like the new grid dashboard. We have stats for IOPS, Latency and MB/sec for volumes coming in the next release, QS v4.5. Following that we'll have pool MB/sec coming in QS 4.6. It'll have some basic control over history with continuous, last hour, day, week. We had some stats for Volumes back in QS v3.x but we've redesigned the real-time graphs using a newer JS framework so we took a step back to enable faster/better forward movement in v4.x.

November 20, 2017 | Registered CommenterSteve