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Community Forum > Permissions for networkShareEnum on secondary┬ánode

I created a new role and call networkShareEnum via the API. On the primary node of the grid everything is ok. On the other node there is no 'list' in the response. Even after assigning all visible view permissions to the role with scope system. networkShareGet is working. And with the 'System Monitor' role it is working, too. Which permissions are missing?


August 15, 2014 | Registered CommenterFrank Wagner

"service quantastor restart" fixed the problem.

August 18, 2014 | Registered CommenterFrank Wagner

Ok, great, thanks for the update Frank, sorry for the delayed response. I've opened a ticket on this, the node should have picked up the new role automatically without a management service restart.

August 18, 2014 | Registered CommenterSteve